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World of Tanks

Tank battles like never before

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Choose your tank und go into epic battles of World War II. Welcome to World of Tanks, the real-time tank shooter for your browser on POPMOG.

About World of Tanks

  • Realtime tank action
  • 150 armored vehicles available
  • Dynamic combat system
  • Epic tank battles
  • Deep Squad-based Gameplay
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World of Tanks offers the player a mix of different genres. With experience gained in the fighting and money you can explore new and more powerful components to enhance the performance of your tank.The free camera allows you to fight enemies in the arcade and in sniper mode. So you can turn a third-person RPG in a shooter instantly.

There are more than 150 armored vehicles available, designed and manufactured in Germany, the Soviet Union and the USA in the 30s to 50s of the 20th Century. You have the unique opportunity to control famous tanks of World War II like the T-34, the 'Tiger' or the 'Pershing' as well as test vehicles and prototypes that never left the halls of the factories or the drawing board.

Wide fields of Eastern Europe, narrow streets of German cities or the fabulous Prokhorovka are just a small view of what is waiting for the players. The large number of maps from open land to densely populated cities will enjoy not only your eyes but also offer a wide range of tactical challenges.

The capture of enemy territories, alliances between clans against a common enemy, skillful diplomacy, trade and flexible - in World of Tanks not only the caliber plays a role but also a far-sighted policy. As like all online games on POPMOG: Free to play!

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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