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War2 Glory

The world on the edge

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Join the Allied forces or the Axis powers and go to the battlefields of the 2nd World War! Fight your enemies and become a powerful general!

About War2 Glory

  • Choose your side
  • Become a powerful commander
  • Build your forces
  • Defeat enemies with your strategy
  • Forge alliances
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Take command of your city in the real-time strategy game War 2 Glory and decide which role you want to play in the second World War. Would you like te be a general on the Allied side as a liberator of Europe or on the side of the Axis powers to act as a ruthless ruler?

In order to succeed on the battlefield have to expand your town first. To make secure your supply you should concentrate on the Production Zone. Then you can expand the Military Sector to build buildings like an arsenal or airport. In addition, you can explore new technologies to increase your efficiency.

In total you have the choice between 40 original combat vehicles from World War 2. Fight with on land, sea and air. Crucial to your victory, however, is not only the number of your troops. The choice of your strategy is extremely important for victory as well.

Are you ready for the fight? Then start the career of a commander of your troops in War 2 Glory. As like all online games on POPMOG: Free to play!

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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