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War of Dragons


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In the fantasy world Feo an intense battle is taking place. Join a camp and fight for your survival with War of Dragons at POPMOG.

About War of Dragons

  • Enter the fantasy world of Feo.
  • Join a species.
  • Equip your character.
  • Join forces with other players.
  • Explore wonderful fanatasy worlds.
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In the fantasy world Feo humans and Magmar fight for power. As an adventurer you have to decide on which side you want to join the battle. With each defeated opponent you become stronger. Make use of your experience and learn useful or deadly skills. Use them tactically to beat even stronger opponents in a battle. Solve exciting quests and collect rewards for improving your gear.

In the browsergame War of Dragons all fights are fully animated. Skillful fighting and accurate use of fighting skills decide over victory or defeat. You can equip your character to your own taste with weapons and armor out of a great selection. In the animated battles they will show to advantage.

If an opponent is too strong, you can attack him together with other players. Some quests are even laid out as a group quest. You can prove your power and your skill in large battles against your enemies.

Explore the wonderful world of Feo, master the dangers and crush your opponents. Play the thrilling fantasy MMORPG War of Dragons, for free at POPMOG.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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