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Compete as a little elf in this online adventure game. Will you one day be able to compare to Upologus, the Grand Master of Magic?

About Upologus

  • Become a great magician
  • Create your own avatar
  • Fight against dragons
  • Personalize your home
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Misfortune brings adventures

You are a great magician. But when you tried to conjure up a huge pot of gold, something went terribly wrong. Now you are just stuck as a small elf. After going to the Grand Master of Magic, he sent you to a magical forest. As a small little elf, you must go on great big adventures to learn all the magic that you once knew. Upologus brings challenges beyond your imagination, but the rewards are just as fantastic.

Regain your former glory!

Starting as a clumsy elf, it is difficult to find your way back to being a famously talented wizard. But the world of Upologus has faith in you! You will learn powerful new spells and magic at each turn. These abilities will help you explore caves and dungeons, while fighting off the evil inhabitants that you will find within. Upologus even has dragons against which you can battle. Just be sure that you have the needed strength in order to survive such an encounter. Dragons are not a challenge to be taken lightly! As you get stronger, you can even team up with other players to make sure that success will be swift.

Create your elf

Upologus is all about customization. It is difficult to play as a character that does not feel like it belongs to you. That is what makes Upologus so special! You are able to create a character that exactly fits your tastes. But there is more than just the looks of the character. Make sure that you and your little friend feel at home by personalizing and decorating its house. After a hard day of battling and adventuring, nothing is better than coming back to your home, taking a bath, and having a nice warm meal. It is up to you to provide this for your elf! Start your adventures now! Upologus is on POPMOG.com and is free to play!

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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