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Travian is a free multiplayer online game and a building strategy online game. Turn your village into a powerful, prosperous city, build a Travian Empire, recruit a mighty army, team up with other players to form alliances and fight for world domination.

About Travian

  • Build and develop your village
  • Pay attention to your resources
  • Defend your people
  • Upgrade your army
  • More than 60,000 players
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In the Travian browser game you embark in ancient times. Right at the beginning you have to decide. Which people do you want to belong to: the Travian Romans, Travian Gauls or Travian Teutons? Every people of Travian have different strengths and weaknesses. Romans are masterfully in expanding infrastructure and using it to its benefits. Gauls are gifted riders and Teutons are outstanding fighters.

Travian – Rise from being the chief of a small village to the most powerful ruler of the ancient world!

You start Travian as a chief of a small village. At first your village consists of nothing but the main building and a few fields on which you produce raw materials.

Your first task is to promote the production of raw wood, clay, iron and crops and to expand your fields. With the raw materials you can produce food and building materials and create more valuable goods.

Now you can begin to expand your village. Build the necessary buildings to turn your village into a city. Create storages for raw material and grains. Set up a hideout in order to protect your valuable resources from attacks by looters.

At the next level you can begin to interact with other players of Travian. Most important are the players in your vicinity. On maps you see who has settled in your immediate environment.

Form strategic economic or military alliances, pursue trade with other players and recruit an army. Only together with your alliance it will be possible to build a wonder of the world and to achieve victory. The construction of the wonder of the world is one of your main goals in Travian. Train your army and go to war to destroy the world wonders of other nations and your increase your power.

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