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The Settlers Online

Turn a small village into a thriving commercial metropolis!

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In The Settlers Online you start your adventure in a small, uninhabited settlement. With an abundance of workaholic settlers you are creating a city where the settlers are scurrying around to help you to build buildings from raw materials like copper and wood.

Are you going to succeed in The Settlers Online by becoming a mighty economic power due to your skill and strategy and by cooperating with other players?

About The Settlers Online

  • Manage your settlement
  • Create product cycles
  • Explore the surroundings
  • Experience adventures with friends
  • Defend your kingdom from danger
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Your success in the strategy game The Settlers Online is dependent on a functioning product cycle. You must always keep your settlers happy by providing them with buildings and production chains. Make sure that your settlers always have enough raw materials and goods at their disposal.

Feed your settlers with bread to turn them into a better work force. Use storage and different raw material recovery techniques to develop your settlement quickly and unlock new levels.

The Settlers Online - Conquer new territories!

In order to expand your settlement in The Settlers Online more and more you must explore your surroundings. Here you will not only find new materials and new land. You'll encounter bandit camps and have to defeat the bandits in order to expand your settlement on the land they occupied. Only if you have a strong economy, satisfied settlers and alliances with trading partners you will manage to defeat your enemies.

The Settlers Online – Guilds are the key to success!

In The Settlers Online guilds are of particular importance. The merger into guilds with other players is not only important in order to conquer other lands and zones of the map. Your guild will also help you to achieve your goals faster.

The Settlers Online you can play together with friends and you can also make new friends during the game. Many exchange options such as the integrated friends list or the built-in chat let you experience the world of The Settlers Online together with old and new friends.

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