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Supremacy 1914

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The brilliant real time strategy Supremacy 1914 online game will demand all your tactical skills. Supremacy 1914 won the 'Game of the Year 2009' award and continuously fascinates the player community with more than 80,000 listed players in 10,000 current rounds.

About Supremacy 1914

  • Exciting multiplayer battles
  • Turn-based strategy game
  • About 80.0000 player
  • About 10,000 active rounds
  • Are you a born leader?
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Supremacy 1914 online game - Lead your nation to undisputed world domination!

We are writing the year 1914. In Europe the First World War is taking place. Every nation needs a brilliant military leader so they avoid the subjugation by other nations and their warlords. In Supremacy 1914 you become the head of state and make all war-related decisions.

With clever strategies you can become the undisputed ruler of the world of Supremacy 1914. Let the battle for supremacy begin!

Supremacy 1914 - Only you can decide the battle!

Prepare your own army of infantry, artillery, tanks and aircrafts and send them out to conquer hostile areas in heroic battles. Your war units move live on real cards - a feature that is unique to Supremacy 1914.

Anticipatorily build strategically important towns and border posts and defend your lines. Act wisely – also inside the country. Take care of the infrastructure and secure the supply of your factories, mills and people.

Tinker the most sophisticated strategies and prove your diplomatic skills. Build strategic alliances with other heads of state, agree on compatible ceasefires and trade embargoes.

You compete against up to 30 players in real time. The rounds can last up to six weeks. During this time you have to observe and analyze your opponents and find alliances. Put your knowledge of tactics, strategy and diplomacy in action and immortalize your name in the history books. Become the ruler of a united Europe!

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