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Build towards the moon in this online strategy game. The choices in Skylancer are all yours as you construct a thriving civilization.

About Skylancer

  • Comic-like illustrations
  • Build your own civilization at the moon
  • Play with your friends
  • Decide for one faction
  • Play for free on POPMOG
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Join this fantastically drawn comic world

The comic-like illustrations in Skylancer are unlike anything you have ever seen before. With each new building and character that you unlock, witness how the illustrations bring them to life in front of your eyes! Control your flying island from the absolute beginning. Skylancer starts you with a small but successful little civilization, with its inhabitants looking to you for guidance.

Use your control for the good of the people

It is totally up to you to decide in which direction you will want to build. Will you choose to have a strong economy? Will you give your Skylancer inhabitants a stable lifestyle? Or will you choose to plunge them into constant war? Skylancer has different factions from which you can choose. There are the renegades, the empire, or the peace-loving alliance. No matter which direction you choose to go, your people will support you.

Teamwork brings prosperity

You are not alone in your adventures in Skylancer. The ultimate goal is to build your civilization up to the moon. This is challenging to do, and leaning on friends will be a great help. Once you get there, enjoy the artifacts and treasures that will enhance your gameplay. As a team, you will have much greater chances of success in battle, not to mention the added fun of working together for the greater good! Skylancer has everything you could ever want in an online strategy game!

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Look up to the moon and see your goals become reality when you play Skylancer for free on POPMOG.com

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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