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Stranded on an alien planet full of dangers. Create an army of battlemechs bots and engage in battle with Skaph at POPMOG.

About SKAPH.com

  • Set up base on a stange planet.
  • Find new resources.
  • Beware of attacking aliens.
  • Create powerful arms and robots.
  • Join other players.
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The strategy browsergame Skaph is set in the far future on an alien planet. As a spaceship commander you are stranded on the planet with your crew. Without any hope for return or rescue you have to survive on the planet, but first you need a base.

From the remnants of the ship the first buildings are developed, now resources need to be found. Oil, concrete, uranium and ore are scattered around the planet. Secure good access to all these resources in order to further expand your base. You can construct your buildings anywhere on the area. Secure defensive tactical advantages by building a fortress. If you are more about the looks of your base, you can create a magnificent base using the freedom of arrangement.

Beware, you are not alone on the planet. Aliens and other commanders are searching for resources as well. They won't hesitate to attack you. Create a powerful army from of awesome combat robots, the Mechs. Different units are at your disposal, arrange them tactically and destroy your opponents in action-packed battles and engagements. Take the areas and bases of your opponents, soon your base will grow to the size of an empire. To accomplish your goals faster, you can join other players. You are the commander, it's your decision.

Expand your base to an empire, the strong Mechs at your side. Play the action-packed strategy browsergame Skaph for free at POPMOG.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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