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Shaiya, free to play MMORPG client browser game at popmog.com. Hunt monsters and fight in huge battles against other players.

About Shaiya

  • Hunt monsters and fight battles.
  • Choose whose side you're on.
  • Solve dazzling quests.
  • Adjust your playing style.
  • Join guilds or alliances.
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Explore the incredible world of Teos. Hunt monsters and fight in vast battles against other players in Shaiya at POPMOG.

Two parties fight for the blessing of their god in the world Teos, the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury. Choose your side and enter the world of Teos, many dangers and adventures await you.

Starting the game, you get to choose the appearance and class of your hero in the MMORPG Shaiya. You can decide between defenders, warriors, fighters, priests, rangers, archers and magicians, whatever suits your style of play best. The difficulty can be adjusted as well, the level cap can only be reached on normal difficulty.

In order to improve the abilities of your hero, you have to solve several quests first. On your forays you will encounter monsters and other players. Each battle is different, use the abilities of your hero skilfully to ensure victory and reward. Solved quests and pawned monsters give experience points, which you can invest to upgrade your hero. In the shop you can buy valuable and magic articles. If your hero is strong enough, you can take on other players.

Join guilds or alliances in order to face hordes of enemies in enormous battles. Or fight head-to-head and challenge fighters of your guild.

Fight for the light or the fury. Play the thrilling MMORPG Shaiya, free to play at POPMOG.

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