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Remanum: In this MMO trading game you live in the Mediterranean. The goods and exchange system of the Roman Empire stand in the center of the game Remanum. As one of thousands of merchants you have to acquire wealth, prestige, power and influence in order to emerge victorious from Remanum.

About Remanum

  • Become the ruler of the Roman Empire
  • Do business and prove your tactical skills
  • Forge alliances and plan intrigues
  • About 20 different cities
  • Impressive hand-drawn graphics
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Remanum - Become the smartest and most successful trader of the Roman Empire

Your goals in Remanum vary. At first your primary goal is to become a respected citizen of your hometown. For the first successes you need goods and a well-filled purse. Build your private estate with businesses, craft basic goods or process them further to more valuable products.

Sell your goods with the highest possible profit. Invest your profits in the development of effective production chains to produce more valuable goods at maximum efficiency. The more effort you're running, the more intelligent you invest - the higher your profit.

In the next stage of Remanum browser game you interact with thousands of players from other cities around the Mediterranean. You have to find strategies to take advantage of the markets. Prices determined by supply and demand are changing at a rapid pace. A business that might have been profitable yesterday might not be lucrative tomorrow. Will you be able to keep track to amass the greatest wealth?

Remanum - Politics and strategy will lead you to the top of the power chain!

With money alone you will have no success at Remanum! You have to donate money and goods for the good of your city and commit yourself politically. Go to vote regularly or run for senator office. Politicians have the highest reputation in the Roman Empire and only through a political function you ascend in Remanum.

Another challenge is that you must cooperate with other players to build and enhance functional buildings. These affect all citizens and players of your city. As a reward you will get advantages for you production line and the reputation of yourself, your city and your Allies will grow.

Remanum - Become the emperor of the Roman Empire!

When playing Remanum online everyone is pursuing the same goal. Therefore, a challenging competition for scarce goods, the best prices and the associated prestige that comes with commercial success is taking place.

Each round lasts six months. At the end the most respected senator will be crowned Emperor of the Roman Empire. This you will only achieve if you cleverly expand your production, sell your goods at the highest possible profit and use your growing wealth for the benefit of your city and all its citizens.

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