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Reign of Steel


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'Enemy tank half a mile ahead! Align cannon and open fire!' Welcome to Reign of Steel, the real-time tank shooter for your browser on POPMOG.

About Reign of Steel

  • Realtime tank action.
  • Improve your tank and buy new ones.
  • Choose between different maps.
  • Play against your friends.
  • Become an experienced tank driver.
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Get ready for exciting tank battles, incredible 3D graphics and exciting action! Can you hear the clanking of the chains? Can you see the enemy's muzzle flash light up the horizon? Can you smell the sweet and bitter diesel in the air? Step on the gas then and open fire.

Because the only thing that counts here is victory, and you have to fight hard for it. Reign of Steel is set in the future when a post-apocalyptic nuclear war left the earth looking like a cratered moonscape. It's dog eat dog, ruthless and with gloves off. People fight each other and the only thing that counts is the fire-power of your gun.

If you want you can also team up and fight together with your friends to destroy the enemy. The main thing to do is quickly gathering many victories, since it is the only way to gain the necessary experience points with which you can buy better weapons and stronger armor in the shop. From T90 to the M1 Abrams, from mini-gun to rocket launchers. Everything the tank-heart desires is included.

You should not forget to reload, because without enough ammunition you will end up with pistons and screws blowing up in your face on the battlefield. Are you ready for the battle? Then play the real-time tank shooter Reign of Steel on your browser! Without annoying downloads, long waiting times, but with a concentrated dose of action and a for browser games, unprecedented 3D graphics. Like all online games on POPMOG for free!

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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