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Pirate Galaxy

Enter foreign galaxies and save mankind

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Pirate Galaxy is a free, thrilling sci-fi massively multiplayer 3D browser game. Action-packed space battles in real time and huge, fascinating game worlds are waiting for you. Become a space pirate, embark into the world of PirateGalaxy and get ready for the ultimate battle!

About Pirate Galaxy

  • Become a space pirate
  • Fly your own space ship
  • Upgrade your ship with cool items
  • Countless missions and quests
  • Team up in clans and fleets
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Pirate Galaxy: Defeat the evil aliens in glorious space battles!

The downfall of mankind in Pirate Galaxy is imminent. Countless planets and whole star systems are in the hands of the Mantis. These vicious aliens of Pirate Galaxy crave the valuable Cryonit crystals that are located on the planets all over the galaxy. Fear and terror are spreading. If no one intervenes, the Mantis will soon have subdued the whole galaxy. The space pirates are the last chance of mankind to be saved from destruction.

Pirate Galaxy: Let the battle begin!

As on of the mighty galaxy pirates you are flying your space ship through space, fighting fierce battles against the mighty Mantis. Equip your ship with weapons and other extras and become the most feared space pirate ever known to mankind. Team up with other players in clans or squadrons in order to defeat the Mantis and finally liberate humanity.

Pirate Galaxy: Breathtaking 3D real-time battles are waiting for you

The exciting story of Pirate Galaxy, atmospheric music, intuitive operation and stunning 3D graphics will take you into a breathtaking world!

Complete exciting and challenging missions and quests in real-time battles on planets and in space. Team up with other players to form clans or squadrons and conquer whole planets. Go into battle against other players and their clans. Face the challenge! Get ready to battle! May the best space pirate win!

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