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Operation Gamma 41

The most secret mission of WW2

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Choose your faction and fight for supremacy in a world of war. Challenge yourself in countless daring adventures and leave as victor from the field.

About Operation Gamma 41

  • Choose from three factions
  • Change the history
  • Fight for recognition and honor
  • Experience thrilling real-time combats
  • Make your town a fortress
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Surrounded by a world devastated by war, in Operation Gamme 41 you take control over a destroyed city. First, it's up to you to rebuild your town out of the ruins and to let your city shine in new splendor. Take care of the expansion of the City Center, the Military Academy and the Airport to provide the basics for your forces. Also continuously expand your production buildings to not endanger the supply.

In addition to expanding your city you should also try to extent your territory. Use your troops and show your military strength. Combine ground and air units strategically and achieve the victory. With your troops and terrirories your power and influence will increase equally.

But in the dangerous world of World War II you're not alone. You can prove your strength in duels in the arena or on the battlefield against others. But you can join a powerful alliance and fight action-packed battles together as well.

Whichever faction you may decide. Whether you are fighting alone or in teams. You are always in the middle of battle. Join Operation Gamma 41 now, as like all online games on POPMOG: Free to play!

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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