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OGC Open

The ultimate multiplayer 3D golf simulation

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OGC Open: Do you have enough skill to be among the best golf players of the world? Start your international golf career with OGC Open! It is one of the most popular free golf game!

With OGC Open you are playing on amazing 3D golf courses while you travel around the globe. Create your character from over 300,000 possible combinations and continuously improve your golf skills!

About OGC Open

  • Customize your character
  • Climb up the rankings
  • Strike off from golf courts all over the world
  • Compete in challenging tournaments
  • Experience stunishing 3D graphics
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OGC Open - Play free golf against real opponents!

You can play OGC Open as a single player or as a multiplayer game. In multiplayer mode you compete with other players in so-called Fligths. You take turns with your opponents as in a real golf game. While the other strikes you can follow his strokes on the screen. Only the one with the greatest accuracy and endurance will prove himself in the magnificent 3D golf simulation of OGC Open. If you interrupt OGC Open you can continue where you left off at any point.

OGC Open – Play golf online and get on top of the world rankings!

When playing golf online in OGC Open you are competing on the best international golf courses with varying difficulty. Show your skills in realistic locations on all continents of the world!

During each game you collect experience points. The more experience points you collect the better your golf skills become. Furthermore, the number of golf courses that you can play on rises. If you are skilled enough you will even collect coveted prizes.

Take part in tournaments to earn world ranking points. Rise in the international world ranking list and become one of the best golf players in the world!

Choose the right golf clubs and show your skills! Even if you're an experienced player - OGC Open will always offer you new challenges.

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