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Build up your own huge space empire! You have the opportunity to create a realm which can be extended to up to nine planets. Act wisely on your natural resources and set up a mighty space fleet in OGame on POPMOG.

About OGame

  • Dive into exciting deep space.
  • Create an intergalactic empire.
  • Up to nine planets to colonize.
  • Create a powerful fleet or form your planet.
  • Out of the safety of the moons into the battle.
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The space strategy game OGame thrilled thousands of active players since 2002. When being registered, you have many universes to choose from, but first you start modestly on an unexplored planet in the far reaches of the galaxy.

The three resources in the game are very important, which are metal, crystal and deuterium. Therefore, you'd better start immediately with your mine expansion, to crawl the most raw materials. The further you are going with your development, the higher your energy consumption will be. Gradually, you will unlock new opportunities for development, so that you can conduct research and build spaceships.

The decision is up to you whether you will go to render uncertainty into the galaxy with a large fleet as 'Fleeter', or becoming a 'Miner' who is more one of the peaceful kind and quietly expands his kingdom . If you feel strong enough you can attack enemy planets. But be sure that your fleet is able to break through the defences of the enemy, before doing so. It is always worth keeping an eye on your enemies.

Become part of this galactic adventure! Form powerful alliances to defeat even the strongest enemy, and steer your fleet out of the safeness of the moons into the war in OGame on POPMOG, your source for free Onlinegames to play.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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