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Monkeys, cats, penguins, and more! In My free Zoo, you can find cute animals everywhere! When playing My Free zoo, you will build and equip enclosures with different objects such as play equipment for the animals, feeding troughs, and watering holes! Give all animals a new home, so they are happy with you!

About My Free Zoo

  • Your very own zoo!
  • Thousands of options!
  • Choose from various funny and exotic animals!
  • More than 2.000.000 Users!
  • Free cat cuddling!
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Become the best zoo director of all times!

Care, entertain, and feed your zoo inhabitants regularly! In My free Zoo, you are the zoo director. Pay attention to your decisions about your own zoo, because your visitors will be happy only when your animals are happy. The more mammals, birds, and finned-friends you have in your Zoo’s unique shelters, the more work you’ll have to do to keep everything running smoothly. The colorful online game, My free Zoo, has enough animals and activities that you, the park manager, will never be without something fun to do!

Give a new and comfy home to a variety of exotic animals!

Build enclosures and fill them with various items such as play equipment, feeding troughs, and watering holes. Build and customize your very own zoo empire. Make sure that your zoo inhabitants are just as comfortable as your visitors. Of course, you have to earn money with your zoo. You can have an entry fee, build souvenir shops, and have snack shacks. In addition, you can decorate your zoo with numerous decorative objects.

Create and design your very own Zoo Empire!

Make sure to tend to, entertain, and feed your zoo's inhabitants on a regular basis! Only when your animals are happy, will your zoo's visitors be happy too! Pay attention to cleanliness as well. Not only will your animals want their My free Zoo enclosures to be clean, but the visitors will want the same. As the zoo owner, you are in charge of making sure all the cleaning gets done. Some of the cleaning will even need to be done by hand!

Free cat cuddling!

But the work is absolutely worthwhile in My free Zoo: cute animals want to be cuddled! Also, you can save up so that you can reinvest in a unique and beautiful zoo - and all for free on POPMOG.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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