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Experience far eastern characters like never before!

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Experience far eastern characters and architecture like never before and let yourself into a mysterious realm of martial arts. Newbie are you ready to prove yourself to the sensei, that you're the master of all classes in Metin2 on POPMOG.

About Metin2

  • A huge choice of weapons.
  • Team up to a powerful guild.
  • Explore the vast game world.
  • Dozens of different monsters.
  • Experience a unique graphic design.
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Stride through fascinating villages in stunning scenery and learn the powerful fighting techniques, which are given further from generation to generation of warriors. But be careful: Many dangers lurk on your path on becoming a sempai! Help yourself with sword and bow or use deadly bells or fans, to assert yourself.

When being surrounded by monsters perform one sweeping blow and bring them all to fall. But beware: The dangers lurk behind every corner. If you think you just got rid of all of the many beasts, the appearance of new creatures will put you on a greater challenge. Especially hard are the battles around the mysterious Metin stone. This is where you should be especially careful!

Your actions have consequences, because once you become a member of a guild, the impact of the events from exhausting battles, not only have an effect on the rank of the guild itself, but also on the experience level of the individual team members. A special place in the country are the few remaining strongholds. These safe heavens are highly competitive, because whith growing power non-player characters can be used and controlled..

Join the battle for supremacy for your kingdom on this fantastic continent. Fight for coveted possessions such as money and land. Fame and glory awaits a successful hero. Find out if you are up for the challenge in Metin2; play on POPMOG now, your source for free onlinegames.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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