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Lead your own Mech forces and go into battle ! Build up your Bases, Ensure your ressource supply and build Mech units ! Fight with thousands of players about the victory !

About MechRage

  • Collect resources and build up your base
  • Build powerful Mech units
  • Secure energy supply trough power plants
  • Compete against your opponents and prove yourself
  • Form alliances with other players
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You start the game with your own base. First, you should care for raw materials with collectors, while ensuring your energy supply. Now it is about to build your base further. Buildings and units must be studied and your military strength should be increased as well. Decide if you prefer to go on the offensive way or extend your defensive fortification.

Additionally, you can participate in tournaments with your commander. Compete against other commanders or challenge players to battle. Train your commander continuously to improve its fighting strength and take on increasingly strong opponents. Join an alliance in order to combine your combat strength. Together you can beat stronger opponents than alone.

Whether you fight your way trough the wolrd of Mechs alone or join an alliance, there will be always enough battles to fight. Play Rage Mech on POPMOG; Onlinegames free to play.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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