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Magic Campus: The magical world of Magic Campus offers you lots of adventure. Fight against dangerous monsters and learn many new magical powers. Join now and let yourself be enchanted by Magic Campus!

About Magic Campus

  • Be the greatest wizard of all time
  • Show your skills and tactics in turn-based-combat
  • Master the six schools of magic
  • Save the world from a monster-invasion
  • Get your very own magic pet!
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Magic Campus - Choose your path of magic!

You can choose between six different schools of magic in Magic Campus. The house of Ildyth is all about expanding your artistic abilities. Dawnmere is less about your mind and more about your body. And for dreamers and explorers, Valamoore is the right school to go to. However you decide it will have a noticeable impact on your path in Magic Campus.

Magic Campus - Save the paradise!

The island of Magic Campus could be a beautiful, idyllic place. But it is haunted by its dark and not-too-distant past. Years ago, evil monsters descended on the island and its inhabitants had to defend themselves in combat. The peaceful population stood little chance against the monsters and was on the brink of defeat.

Their rescue came in the form of a princess, her army and six mysterious elves. Using six magical stones and her strong warriors, the princess fought against the monsters. But after almost beating back the enemies she was seriously injured in the last battle. With her last strength she transferred the power of the stones onto six residents of the islands.

Then the elves disappeared together with their princess, leaving the dark prophecy of the monster’s inevitable return. Meanwhile, the six carriers of the stones founded the schools Emeraea, Ethereon, Ildyth, Pyron, Dawnmere and Valamoore.

Over time, the memories of past events faded. Only the elders kept reverence for the elves in mind. To prepare for a return of the monsters they founded the East-Xuan Academy. And soon enough the prophecy should come true. Now, evil has come back into the world of Magic Campus and threatens the future of the peaceful island once again.

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