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The eternal conflict between gods and titans is going into the next round - and you're right in the heart of it. Decide whose side you're on and start your battles with The Legend of Edda at POPMOG.

About Legend of Edda

  • Be a heroic fighter.
  • Choose your special abilities.
  • Complete thrilling quests.
  • Join forces to battle monsters.
  • Compete in the Sacred Treasure War.
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At one time the great battle between the gods of the Olympus and the Titans ended with the expulsion of the Titans into the underworld. But they are still not defeated. With the help of heroic warriors they keep fighting against the gods. You're one of those heroes. At the beginning of the game you choose for a party: Gods or Titans?

The chosen heroes are equipped with various special abilities. Depending on which class you choose you start your adventure game Legend of Edda as a warrior, swordsman, assassin, archer, cleric or wizard. The numerous quests will lead you into dangerous dungeons where final enemies are waiting for you. Particularly hard lumps you can defeat together with other players. Up to six users are able to go together to hunt monsters.

Watch out for enemy players you can challenge to thrilling duels. Fight smart to defeat your opponents. For victories and solved quests you gain experience points and gold so that you can expand your skills and equipment.

If you are strong enough you can also compete in the Sacred Treasure War. Several player-teams try to capture holy relics and protect them. Actions packed battles with epic proportions are guaranteed and the rewards for your team in case you win will let your hero forget the pain quickly.

Prove yourself as the hero. Thrilling quests and powerful enemies await you. Play the epic anime MMORPG Legend of Edda at POPMOG.

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