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Iron Marshal

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Be a hero and liberate Europe from the Wehrmacht or reach for world domination as a Nazi. Choose one side and influence history.

About Iron Marshal

  • Choose your side
  • Write history
  • Turn-based strategy game.
  • About 1,000 different units
  • Battles with over 50 players
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In Iron Marshal you have got the tasks of a legendary general in the end of the Second World War. Build your base, wage your units into battle and take care of the supplies. Choose your side. Do you want to occur as a liberator of Europe, or reign as a ruthless oppressor. Make your way through the campaigns and for example determine the outcome of the battle for Warsaw.

Starting point of your campaigns in Iron Marshal is the base. In your base you equip your troops and officers, prepare yourself for the battles and collect your gold. Also erect buildings, because they give you the options of additional strategies.

Explore your surroundings around the base and get to know other players with whom you can ally yourself. Team up with a legion and move together with your allies into battle. Also use advanced options for your development and new techniques.

The moral of your troops has the highest priority in battles. Use special abilities to enhance them and win the fights. The battles run turn-based. So you don`t have to control any unit by yourself and are able to lean back instead.

Iron Marshal convinces by its comic-style animations, which offer a completely new kind of look for a war setting. Determine the fate of the world ! As like all online games on POPMOG: Free to play!

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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