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Industrie Tycoon 2


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In this management game that works on the principle of a business simulation, you become the boss of your own company. Whether producer, seller, dealer, agent or manager - whichever you prefer.

About Industrie Tycoon 2

  • Start your own business.
  • Build up your business network.
  • Trade globally.
  • Maximize your profits.
  • Become the biggest boss in the industry.
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Operate, manage resources, creating productions, sending goods, etc., you'll always operate in the city where the tycoon is located. Remember, only the early bird catches the worm.

Travel to different cities and expand throughout the world. Each day in the game passes in real time. Shops sell 8am to 8pm clock, will production runs 24 hours a day.

Every single inhabitant of the city is shopping during the opening times. The world runs in real time and endless. Whether factory, shop, warehouse, mining, animal breeding, plantation or mining tower. You choose the target market of your new company. There are no pre-defined products. The players invent their own products from hundreds of different raw materials.

Develop new products, establish your brand and improve the quality of your goods. Create in your own product range in your shops and et the prices. Produce continuously or only in certain quantities. Buy your products directly from factories of other companies and send goods to your trading partners.

Establish a reserach, a marketing department and more at your corporate headquarters. You have the choice. But beware as thethe competition never sleeps.

Are you going to be the big boss in the business? In Industrie Tycoon, you can prove your skills! Play Industrie Tycoon as all online games on POPMOG for free!

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