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Become the architect of a vacant land and transform it into a thriving metropolis and build up a powerful island empire! The distribution of labour and raw materials will be your biggest challenge. Be clever, be smart and bring prosperity to the kingdom of Ikariam on POPMOG.

About Ikariam

  • Bring prosperity and wealth over your people.
  • Develop the economy and plan resources.
  • Do trade with fellow players.
  • Prove yourself as a skilled tactician.
  • Have an eye on your enviers.
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This online strategy game, allows you to go back to ancient times. With great attention to lovely details this economic development simulation has been developed. There is much to do and it is not always easy to manage all the tasks ahead.

Stay active simultaneously on all fronts, but don`t let too much pride prevent you from asking for some help of your loyal advisers. To get hold of all the valuable resources of your island paradise you must train your workers well.

In order to bring prosperity and wealth, you should expand your island, embellish, equip representatively and provide the care for your subjects on the island. If you are even in the happy position of having your coffers overflowing from raw materials, you can do exchange with fellow trade partners. Should then one of your resources run low you can easily trade in of the other surpluses.

Technological progress wonít make its path around your island. With building a scientific academy you are able to take care of new research processes. Remember to act cautiously because there`ll always be some enviers around the corner. So strengthen your towers of defence to protect your islands from enemy attacks.

Your people are waiting for your commands! Will you be a gracious prince or a merciless ruler? Find out and play Ikariam now on POPMOG; your source for free onlinegames.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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