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Enter the coliseum and compete with other brutal gladiators! The glorious halls of honour are waiting your deeds. So prove yourself to be born as a true warrior and become the most dreaded gladiator in Gladiatus on POPMOG.

About Gladiatus

  • Enter the arena as a gladiator.
  • From a simple slave to a respected hero.
  • Equip yourself with weapons and armor.
  • Prove yourself in numerous quests.
  • Only you can decide your destiny.
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The game Gladiatus settles around the time of the Roman Empire. Your life is depending on, that you defeat your enemies with no mercy one by one, to regain your freedom and break the chains of slavery.

Besides the exciting and hard battles till all blood is drawn out, you still have to master even more tasks. So you can take on different jobs, for example, protect trade caravans from thieves and robbers. If you have completed a task to the satisfaction of your Lord, you will be rewarded.

This will enable you to buy better weapons or improve your gear. With a mighty sword and a suit of armor made of steel fighting in fact is much more pleasant than with bare fists and nothing but the hair on the chest. Those who have proven themselves in combat may also treat themselves in between with a little breather. With bread and games you relax from the exhausting battles and quests and come back to power.

Only the bravest and best will survive the cruel gladiators in the arena. Your path will lead to glory over many corpses in Gladiatus, play now on POPMOP; your source for free onlinegames.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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