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Fiesta Online: Delve into the fascinating fantasy world of Fiesta, meet new friends and master the wildest adventures and quests together with other players or on your own.

Fiesta Online is a free role-playing game and MMORPG, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which has already drawn more than 2 million players worldwide under its spell. The detailed 3D comic graphics of Fiesta is unique in the field of massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

About Fiesta

  • Customize your character
  • Collect a variety of items
  • Gather in guilds with other players
  • Ascend with your character
  • Enter a magical world
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Fiesta game – Turn yourself into a warrior, priest, magician or hunter!

In the game Fiesta you will combat powerful fantasy creatures from around the world as a warrior, priest, hunter or magician. You can create and constantly improve your customized character. The individual development of your character and his ability to pass on his knowledge as a master to other figures guarantee a capturing game play.

With your character you will solve numerous quests at Fiesta Online game - either as a team with other players or alone. You can join a guild or even start your own guild.

The community function of Fiesta will make it easy for you to win other players as friends. With the marriage function of Fiesta you create yourself a life partner who will always accompany you on your adventures.

Fiesta - How the story began…

The Land ISYA of Fiesta was once a parallel world between space and time with nothing but peace and tranquility everywhere. This beautiful world and all its creatures were created by Legel, a peaceful nature whose power was greater than the power of the gods.

The gods hated the fact that Legel was more powerful than them. They banished Legel in the dark ages of the space. But the wary Legel created a counterpart before his banishment, which possessed the same power as himself. Bijou was born. The gods tried to destroy Bijou but they could only destroy the country and weaken Bijou. Bijou disintegrated into thousands of individual parts and was scattered throughout the world.

Now the fate of the world of Fiesta lies in the hands of its inhabitants and its heroes. Only if they manage to find all the parts of Bijou their home will be saved. Become the new hero of Fiesta, bring back Bijou and save the world!

It's up to you! In the game Fiesta you can either play in the Player vs. Environment mode (PvE) or Player vs. Players mode (PvP) against monsters and against other players on the battlegrounds of ISYA.

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Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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