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Eredan iTCG: Eredan is ruled by an age of darkness and violence. A meteor has destroyed the country. Bloody rivals are fighting in an endless war. Step into this medieval fantasy world and lead your guild to rule Eredan iTCG with an elaborate strategy!

About Eredan iTCG

  • The unique Eredan universe as a Trading Card Game
  • Collect more than 500 different cards
  • Vary your deck for an infinite collection of strategies
  • Compete in a huge gaming community
  • Get new cards and updates every week
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Eredan iTCG - Put your enemies in fear!

In the trading card game iTCG Eredan you can choose from 500 different character and item cards. Combine your deck in a unique way to outwit and defeat your opponents. You will have plenty of strategy options. With your chosen characters and an elaborate strategy you will experience challenging adventures and battles against powerful opponents while playing Eredan iTCG.

Eredan iTCG – Never stop to develop your deck!

You can determine the membership of one of three guilds for your deck in Eredan iTCG. Become part of the Kotoba, the fighters of the Zil or the envoys of Noz 'Dingard. Once you have decided on your guild, your warriors and your magicians you can launch the ultimate battle of Eredan iTCG.During the game you can see the number of cards and characters of your opponents. Each character card has individual characteristics. Always keep track of the opposing values for attack, defense, spirit and life points.

Continue to develop your deck of cards. By winning fights against other players you can get stronger cards and thus improve your deck. Try to get better cards in every fight to inflict the maximum damage to enemy characters.

Test your newest choice in trainings or challenge the best players in tournaments and organized huge events in arena battles. After the battle your character will be exhausted and you will compete with a new character in the next round. This way you get to know the skills and strengths of your characters better. Put this knowledge to action in order to put your opponent in fear and terror.

Prove that you are the true ruler of the universe and fight for your glory and honor in Eredan iTCG

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