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Mighty warrior, are you ready? Then betake yourself on the legendary hunt for the valuable fragments of the magic stone and measure your strength. A world of challenges awaits you in Elsword on POPMOG.

About Elsword

  • Four totally different characters.
  • Unique & powerful fighting moves.
  • Fantastic manga style.
  • Fast-paced side-scrolling action.
  • Together with others mowing down monsters.
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The coveted Eldrit-stones are the center of attention in the fantastic world of Elsword. Once the stone was under the protection of the eight masters and supplied the entire continent Elios with energy. But then the stone was broken and disintegrated into dozens of fragments that are now scattered all over the world.

Now the fate of Elsword lies in your hands and your task to find and reassemble all vital parts of the stone. It is up to you to prove yourself in a number of quests and to explore over 30 dungeons. Are you ready to face the dangers lurking there for you. Plunge into the battle and mow down the enemy rows in rapid-action manga mania.

You have the choice to choose from four different character types which each have different fighting techniques and skills. Rena is fighting from a distance, for example, and slays her enemies down with deadly arrows, while Elsword has prescribed himself to devastating melee attacks. Individualization of your character is a nice feature to add and makes a lot of fun due to countless costumes. A sidescrolling beat-'em-up hits on role-playing in the colorful manga-world of Elsword. By solving always new missions you get unique rewards that have a beneficial impact on the game. These include valuable items, powerful weapons and stronger armor.

You're the last hope for the residents of Elios and only you are able to take on the terrible beasts which threaten this peaceful continent. Immerse yourself into the fight and get ready for the all-dominant battle in Elsword, play now on POPMOG; your source for free onlinegames.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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