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Cultures Online

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Cultures Online: In Cultures Online, you’re out to become the greatest Viking of all times.Together with your first hero, you start your adventure in a small Viking village. Your hero will help you determine the fate of your village. Whether it’s peaceful building or violent expansion, hero characters make everything possible in Cultures Online!

About Cultures Online

  • Great graphics with hand drawn heroes and buildings
  • Easy to learn combat-system
  • Turn your village into the Viking-Metropolis
  • Discover new technologies
  • Create a Viking tribe together with your friends
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Cultures Online – Choose your hero and become a mighty Viking!

In the strategy game Cultures Online, heroes play an important role. Only they can produce raw materials and organize raids. Soon you will recruit more of these tough little warriors and specialize them as you see fit.

Setting up your village in Cultures Online is easily done. First, you should try to satisfy the needs of your population with a bakery and brewery. Then you can start researching the first technologies and develop your village. Don’t forget to collect raw materials for your construction efforts!

Cultures Online - go forth and take your Viking heroes to all four corners of the world!

As soon as you feel ready you can take your Viking ship to the expedition map and travel the globe. Take up exciting story quests and collect treasure and riches as a reward.

After finishing a few tasks in your home of Iceland, you will soon start raiding all over the world. First, Europe will learn to fear you, before you move to the Orient, North Africa and even Asia and America. Every successful adventure will see you home home with loads of treasure and experience for your hero.

In Cultures Online you should always keep an eye on your neighbors as well. Some might turn into best friends and join you to found a tribe. But never forget that they can also be your enemies and make your citizens shake with fear and terror. So always be vigilant and prepared. The next raid will happen eventually, so sharpen your weapons and keep one eye open at all times!

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