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Champions of Regnum


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Create your hero and take on the fantasy world of Regnum Online. Squash the monsters and conquer the enemy fortresses at POPMOG.

About Champions of Regnum

  • Choose your empire.
  • Become a warrior, archer or magician.
  • Customize your skillset.
  • Compete in dazzling quests and fights.
  • Level up with the most experienced players.
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For ages brutal battles rage between the empires of frozen Alsius, the wooded Syrtis and desert Ignis in the medieval game world. After you have chosen your empire, you can determine the class of your character. You can select between warrior, archer and magician. Each of the classes has their special characteristics.

Do you want to charge the enemy and rain blows on him or rather attack from safe distance with attacks and spells?

Through your selection you also specify your role for group fights. A balanced mixture in the combat team is crucial to victory in the further process of the game. Once you have chosen your class you enter the medieval fantasy world of Regnum Online.

In the early part of the game you solve different quests and encounter first fights and duels. Beside cruel monsters, other players get in your way as well. Upgrade the abilities of your character and improve his equipment to defeat even tougher opponents and epic monsters.

Progressing further in the game, you join a combat team and set out on battles against an enemy empire. Good coordination and strategic fighting are in demand to conquer the castles and fortresses of the enemy. With the complex character system you can configure your character individually and determine your tactical role in the group.

Defeat epic monsters and conquer hostile fortresses. Play the fantastic 3D RPG Regnum Online for free at POPMOG.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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