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Have you always wanted to become the lord of darkness, a vampire, or are you maybe sometimes crying at the full moon, you might rather belong to the werewolves. Create your own realm of shadows amidst the dark forces. Expect heavy battles for supremacy in Bitefight on POPMOG.

About BiteFight

  • Are you rather vampire or werewolf.
  • Spread fear and horror.
  • Team up to powerful clans.
  • Build a huge fortress and set upon villages.
  • Decide the ultimate battle.
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In the murky world of Bitefight the unrelenting and acrimonious battle between werewolves and vampires is reaching its peak. Whichever side you choose, in the end it's all about becoming the greatest power in the shadow world.

On the one side the vampires on their tireless search for fresh blood, they are constantly in conflict against innumerable opponents. On the other side the werewolves, scary creatures which hunt at night again and again and by all means necessary try to tear their enemies apart. Before each battle, they sharpen their claws and teeth, but when necessary they donít hesitate to also use different weapons. For them all means are righteous to achieve honour and glory.

At Bitefight you decide whether to slip into the skin of a werewolf or a vampire. This several centuries old war between the races, has to be decided by you, meanwhile you should not let the gold of the opponent laying around. But do not worry you're not on your own. Together you will be stronger, thus founding a clan with your teammates would be wise to slay the enemy down together. To accommodate your clanship, you need a fortress from which you are able to sneak out unnoticed at night to bring mischief over the near village. But you donít want to start a war before having collected enough experience and a certain clan level.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle, and equip your own avatar armed to the teeth. In the darkest night it is all up to you for whomever you decide yourself! Vampire or werewolf? Determine your fate in Bitefight, play now on POPMOG, your source for free onlinegames.

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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