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Become the hero of one of three nations. Fate is in your hands.

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4Story: Nothing is as it seems in Iberia, a war-torn fantasy world in dire need of heroes. Only you can unravel the legendary secret and learn the truth of the fourth story in 4Story on POPMOG. This fantasy role-playing game lets you choose between three kingdoms and puts you at the forefront of a decade-long war. Can you become a true hero in this magical world?

About 4Story

  • Choose between three unique factions
  • Go into battle as Priest, Mage, Summoner or Shadow Runner
  • Fight in epic battles against other players
  • Conquer territories and castles for your guild
  • Experience the competition in monthly tournaments
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4 Story – three races, three factions, unlimited fun!

Choose your side and enter massive player-versus-player battles with hundreds of other players. Join your friends and discover countless exciting quests and go time-travelling to uncover the history of this mystical land. Hidden dungeons, hulking creatures and legendary treasures await! The destiny of Iberia is in your hands!

4Story – epic player-versus-player combat

4Story is a free-to-play client game with loads of features. As human, fairy or werebeast you choose one of six classes and prove yourself as archer, warrior, mage or priest. Combat against other players is at the heart of 4Story. Not only can you enter open pvp, but you can also fight over territory or conquer huge fortresses for your guild. Not to mention the monthly tournament where the most powerful players meet and fight for honor, glory and loot!

It’s time to enter this exciting and imaginative world. Support your kingdom and earn glory in battle. Unravel the mystery of Iberia and write the true story into the book of eternity in 4Story!

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Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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