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11 Legends

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11 Legends – You’d better get your team ready for greatness in this online soccer team management game.

About 11 Legends

  • Exciting online soccer management game
  • Train your team
  • Save your local soccer team
  • Build up your own stadium
  • Become a legend
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Your team needs you!

The players of your local soccer team need you! In 11 Legends, it is up to you to bring your team back from the brink of disaster. The team has very few wins, and the treasury is struggling. The team’s only hope can be to find a new manager that can turn things around. They have turned to you and are expecting that you can be the one to save the team! But 11 Legends is more than just waiting for the table to turn. You need to be the deciding factor. Will you be able to bring the team back in 11 Legends?


This word is the one thing that your team has been hearing too much. Except that it has always been coming from the other teams’ fan sections! Train your team so that your fans may once again feel the thrill of winning! In 11 Legends, the better you train your team, the better that they will play. See your hard work turned into hard-kicking goals. 11 Legends requires your blood, sweat, and tears to mix with the astro-turf. Only then will your team see the big lights of a championship game.

Make the difference!

Once you build up your stadium, more fans will be able to come and watch your Cinderella story take place. Soon enough, it will be your name that they are chanting! 11 Legends is only for the soccer manager that knows what it takes to be a winner! Do you have it in you?

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